Children and Young People's Zone!

This zone is run by the children and young people of Quality Foster Care

Meet Chile the QFC Mascot

In the summer Quality Foster Care had a funday at Colchester Zoo, on the day everyone voted for the Agency Mascot. The winner chose Chile the penguin to adopt from the Zoo and said she chose a penguin because "penguins are family forever" She was the first to look after Chile's furry counterpart, as you will see he has been on a few adventures already! Chile keeps children company when they are lonely or upset. Some of Chile's recent adventures have been: spending time with a fostering family at Christmas, having sleepovers and going on days out.

The girls share their thoughts on being a girl in Foster Care

The girls said this - girls in foster care shouldn't be afraid  to say what they need or want to say because they can always tell their foster parents. Girls in care would want supportive parents and friends that don't judge. On the other hand girls would want makeup and accessories because they are girls and they want to look nice. Girls need foster carers who are understanding and fun. It is also fine for the tom boys out there who don`t like make up and all the girly things. We know you like a lot of sports E.G.  football.  Well done to the girls!

two girls lying down looking up


Girls like makeup, accessories,clothes,

animals,sports and  

phones (social



Girls do not like carers

that shout all the time;

they also do not like

parents not taking

them out anywhere

Settling in to my new home

I know how it feels to be put in foster care for the first time in your life but when you get older you find it was for a good reason that the social workers do it.  On the other hand social workers do not like separation from loving families that love each other but you realise it was better for you but the good thing is you get to see your parents.

Why foster care is good..

QFC is always there for you, they are very supporting and they do all kinds of activities that are great fun like on Tuesday 31st October 2017 and probably on all Halloweens they do pumpkin carving some of the pumpkin guts get all over your hands but trust me QFC is a great agency to work with!

The boys spoke about the Agency and being in Foster Care

What the boys said about Quality Foster Care - its a great place to be because we support children when they cant live with their family's and because at home it might not be safe for them at home. They also created the 3 posts below on recent and forthcoming Agency fun days! Well done to the boys!

childs opinion on the zoo
pumpkin and theatre