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We had Fun in the Summer!

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What a summer we have had! Quality Foster Care visited Chessington World of Adventures at the beginning of August, Fostering Families, Children, Young People and Agency staff travelled by coach to the theme park (equipped with air conditioner, what a relief as it was a really warm day!). The ages of those who came along were from 4 weeks old up to 50 years plus!

The day was spent exploring many attractions and going on the countless rides, for those who were brave enough to! Games were played travelling back by coach from Chessington, although some were trying hard to keep awake after the excitement of the day!

At the end of August the Agency arranged a picnic in a local park for the Children and Young People and Families who Foster, Agency staff brought along helium balloons and face paints, snacks and games to play. Fun was had playing games of rounders, football and badminton. The weather was kind too as everyone enjoyed the day chatting and sharing their lunch.

Quality Foster Care and its Foster Carers are committed in providing Children and Young people with positive and fun social events that involve others who are also looked after, the Agency also believe that it is crucial that Children and young people are taken on holiday every year and are treated no different to Children who are not looked after. In summer 2014 Foster Carers have taken children on numerous days out all around the county and beyond! Staying at Holiday camps abroad and in the UK as well as vacations to Spain, Turkey, Bulgaria, Italy and Lanzarote to name but a few!

If you would like to find out how to join their dedicated team of Foster Carers please contact the agency for an informal chat or for further information on 01268 795597 or visit

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