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Jenni's Last Day Today!

Today is Jenni's last day at QFC and after 11 and a half years with the Agency we thank her for her loyalty and dedication to her job as Registered Manager over the years and we wish her all the very best with her Independent Work.

From Jenni: My time at QFC has finally come to an end after eleven and a half years and it feels like the end of an era for me. There have been so many positive changes in the agency during that time and I’m proud to have been part of such a great agency, providing outstanding services for children. Thanks to all the carers for your hard work and support.

Also I would like to say how much I’ve loved being part of the QFC staff team and commend them all for their commitment, support and hard work.

I’m looking forward to having a bit more spare time and the flexibility to do some different things in my life but will be continuing to practice as an Independent Social Worker.

I would like to welcome the new manager, Louise Geddes, to QFC and wish her well in her new role. I know that she will be an asset to the agency and hope she is as happy in her job as I have been.

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