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Thank you to all Son's and Daughter's!

Son's and Daughter's month

Its October, which means its also Son's and Daughter's month!

National Charity - The Fostering Network and Quality Foster Care are commending the crucial role that Son's and Daughter's do when their parents become Foster Carers. To celebrate this we are holding an event in half -term this Month for Foster Carers and children.

We thank you all for opening your home to children that need a loving home, as children the Agency Directors grew up in a fostering home when their parents started fostering for the Local Council in the late 1980's and we know first hand how important you are and how you make the children feel comfortable and secure in your homes.

If you grew up in a fostering home whether looked after or from a fostering family, please contact us and find out how you can get involved in the work we do at Quality Foster Care.

[email protected]

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