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Young People's Competition!

A Foster Carer has come forward with a brilliant idea! Quality Foster Care will be giving out Amazon vouchers to our Young People for artwork and photographs created to brighten up the office entrance!

Suggestions are:

  • A painted rainbow on the face of one of our youngsters!

  • A card! A flag! A poster!

  • Everyone holding up their individual rainbows!

  • Face mask made for the NHS and decorated!

  • Painted nails/toe nails!

  • Coloured clothing worn!

  • A pet with a rainbow or blue something!

  • Family dressed up!

  • Everyone clapping on a Thursday up and down your street!

Thank you to all of the Young People and Foster Carers who are doing a wonderful job under the current lockdown conditions and for the support to keyworkers and of course the U.K.s truly amazing NHS.

Cakes baked by our Young People

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