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About Quality Foster Care

Quality Foster Care is a UK independent fostering agency based in the South East of Essex. We are a friendly, local agency, with roots steeped in local family history.

Quality Foster Care was founded 17 years ago by a family who used to foster themselves. Quality is central to our ethos and we strive to provide a quality of service to the children in our care, and to those who look after them.

Our purpose is to train support people who believe they can give a vulnerable young person the experience of family life. If you think you could offer a stable and safe environment for a child or young person in need, get in touch.*

*To foster, you must be over 21 and have a spare bedroom.

Why Choose Quality Foster Care?


Quality Foster Care are unique in that we have a fantastic local network of foster carers. We have away days and support sessions that help create the feel of us being one big family, supporting each other every step of the way.

Due to our Social Enterprise status, we provide additional training and support designed to ensure our foster carers feel confident in their role and supported around the clock. We also offer competitive fees and paid respite, giving our foster carers the peace of mind necessary to do their jobs well. In addition to this, we consider the individual needs of our foster carers’ families; we are happy, for instance, for carers to work part- or full-time, and to accept placements on a short- or long-term basis.

In June 2021, Quality Foster Care proudly became part of the Five Rivers Child Care family. This has given our foster carers access to further support networks, such as Foster Talk and New Family Social.

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