Why foster with Quality Foster Care

If you live in Essex or the East London area, and are considering a career as a foster carer, Quality Foster Care will be by your side every step of the way. As an independent provider, the support, resources and training we offer go above and beyond what local authorities and many other fostering agencies are able to offer.

We have a team of staff that are dedicated to improving outcomes for our children. Our team pride themselves on comprehensive, quality support to fostering families.

Here are a few unique things that set Quality Foster Care apart.


Quality Foster Care has access to certified counsellors who can give support to children and foster carers. Usually this involves working alongside assessments of the child placed by the local authority.

24/7 support

Our supervising social workers are available to our carers, their families, and the foster children they look after around the clock. This is what makes Quality Foster Care stand out from other providers and is a key reason why our carers stay with us and recommend us to others.

Family contact sessions

We arrange family contact sessions and provide outreach services, including mentoring and counselling for children and young people in care.

Stringent about matching

We achieve stability by making the right match between young people and their carers a priority. Young people’s futures are at stake – and we do everything we can to create a successful placement for our foster families.


You will have instant access to Foster Talk, an independent organisation that provides a range of support and advice services to our foster carers. You will also be given membership to New Family Social, a charity for LGBT+ foster carers and adopters.


Each carer develops their own portfolio of learning in line with fostering regulations. We also offer a wide breadth of training, which now includes specialisms within fostering – all completely free of charge.

Support groups

We encourage our carers to discuss issues or concerns openly. We offer different venues for this to unfold, and may involve discussion with supervising social workers, our in-house psychologist, or other foster carers. Networking with other carers in your area can be really helpful and we aim to support this wherever possible.

Can you give a vulnerable young person the experience of family life?

If you think you could offer a stable and safe environment for a child or young person in need, please get in touch.