Training and Support

We don’t underestimate the challenges that come with being a foster carer. To deliver a high standard of care, the right training and support is essential. Our foster carers form part of a team of childcare experts who are committed to transforming children’s lives, and we support them every step of the way.


24/7 Support

Our supervising support workers are available to our carers, their families, and the foster children they look after around the clock. This is what makes Quality Foster Care stand out from other agencies and is a key reason why our carers stay with us and recommend us to others.


Quality Foster Care has access to certified counsellors who can give support to children and foster carers. This to support with the placement of a child. Usually this involves working alongside assessments of the child placed by the Local Authority.


Support Groups

We encourage our carers to discuss issues or concerns openly. The agency offers different venues for this to unfold, and may involve discussion with supervising social workers, our in-house psychologist, or other foster carers.

Networking with other carers in your area can be really helpful and we aim to support this wherever possible.



You will also have instant access to Foster Talk, an independent organisation that provides a range of support and advice services to our foster carers. You will also be given membership to New Family Social, a charity for LGBT+ foster carers and adopters.



Each carer in the agency develops their own portfolio of learning in line with the fostering regulations and national minimum standards of legislation.

Quality Foster Care offers a wide breadth of training, which now includes specialisms within fostering. Those carers who wish to specialise have the opportunity focus on therapeutic fostering and/or parent and child fostering. All of the training we provide is completely free of charge.


Core Training 

The agency has two mandatory training modules that need to be renewed every 3 years. These include first aid training and safeguarding training. These courses can be accessed directly at the agency and places are frequently available.


Therapeutic Fostering

Our Therapeutic Fostering course offers 5 successive levels to attain. This course is delivered by an external provider and the end result is a formal qualification.


Parent and Child Fostering

This course is presented by staff and supervising social workers in the agency, who have themselves undertaken extensive learning within this specialism.

Carers who come forwards for this training need to not only have the skill to do so, but must also be able to offer the physical space within the home. This may comprise of either a large room to accommodate a bed for the parent/s and a cot, or two separate rooms.

Foster carers who have completed this training will be registered for consideration for parent and child placements.


Online Learning

The agency has easy access to online learning via our Social Care Training Hub. Carers can search through resources when needed for useful parenting advice. We encourage our carers to reflect on their challenges and learnings with their supervising social worker.


Agency Direct Learning

Our carers may attend training virtually or in person at our office in Benfleet. Modules may include:

  • De-escalation training

  • Working with the agency IT system and change regarding this

  • Education training

  • Working with managing self-harming behaviour in fostering

  • Safeguarding training

  • Working with depression

  • Unaccompanied minors and awareness of PREVENT

  • Working with Autism

  • Impact of fostering on siblings and grandchildren

  • Online training

  • Medication awareness training



Once a year, the registered manager visits all carers and has a face to face discussion about their development. This provides the space to reflect on learnings and discuss career progression.

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